day 1 anti-recovery…too much

technically my therapist and boyfriend would be super proud of me for eating this much but i fucking feel disgusting and my stomach has hurt so fucking bad whenever i meet my recovery intake goal…i feel horrible but i can’t stand it anymore. need to go back to restricting…going to do 500 tomorrow. should be easy enough since i’m going back to school.

 i must get to 101 pounds before summer.


2 english muffins (100 x 2)
1 tbsp peanut butter (100)
matzo (50)
honey for voice (60)
tea (0)
st: 410


"light" Chinese chicken salad (250)
english breakfast tea w/ soy (40)
fruit (20)
sugarless green tea boba (180)
st: 490

deli jellies (100?)
halva (50)
st: 150

cardio barre etc (130)
walking (40)
total: 170

TOTAL: 1,050
Net total: 880